Lavender and Cedarwood Sleep Stones

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Lavender & Cedarwood Sleep Stones

Description: Natural Italian lava rock infused over several days with relaxing, calming and soothing essential oils.

Harness the power of nature to fill your senses with Lavender & Cedarwood pure essential oils to aid a good night's sleep. Both Lavender and Cedarwood are well known for their therapeutic and healing qualities and are a fantastic alternative to traditional medicine to help those who struggle to get off to sleep.

Our aromatherapy sleep stones are made with 100% pure essential oils here in the UK. Simply give the stones a gentle shake before unscrewing the lid each time they're used, relax, turn out the lights, and let the magical aromas fill the air.

Our sleep stones arrive with you already infused with the beautiful blend of Lavender & Cedarwood and, depending on the frequency that they are used, they will stay fragrant for up to 3 months. To keep the magical sleep inducing aromas at their optimum level, we suggest topping them up every few weeks using our top up oil, available to purchase separately soon.