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Classic Candle natural soy wax candles

In biodegradable containers. £3.25 each
Up to 13 hour burn time
Scent descriptions:
    ●New home - A simple message - suitable for a house move or university student 
    ●New York - A truly sensuous masculine fragrance, with clean notes of grapefruit, ginger and bergamot blended with white musk, violets and sandalwood to create a woody floral musk fragrance that is bright and summery 
    ●Noel noel - Christmas Day in a Candle, roasting chestnuts over an open fir, mulled wine on the hob, and Christmas fruits all combine to create an all encompassing, cocooning fragrance that will remind you of Christmas Day every day !
    ●Oak moss and mint - Oak Moss is a commonly used fragrant component in many leading perfumes and fragrance products, within our Oak Moss and Mint MiniLight, it adds a rich and earthy base note that is enhanced vibrantly by the addition of a fresh mint mid note and airy top notes. 
    ●Pansy - Experience the unforgettable fragrance of pansies, so refreshing and sweet, conjuring up thoughts of hanging baskets swinging in the light summer breeze
    ●Paradise - This coconut accord is blended with an amber musk base note with a vanilla and tonka bean sweetness. Delicate and smooth 
    ●Paris - A blend of masculine notes to create a masculine fragrance that will evoke memories of fathers and grandfathers everywhere. Patchouli, cinnamon, mandarin orange and basil with base notes of tobacco and sandalwood create a mystical fragrance for any home. 
    ●Peace - A relaxing chamomile and cream fragrance, soothing and calm. We all wish for a bit of peace, with our Peace fragrance, you can enjoy peace at any time
    ●Peppermint cocoa - Pure chocolate indulgence - every component of a hot cup of cocoa with a minty top note to cleanse the air after the rich cocoa notes make you feel all warm inside
    ●Pina colada - We've captured it all; A sweet cocktail made with rum, coconut milk, and pineapple juice, our Piña Colada candle gives you every essence of this exotic cocktail 
    ●Pink peony - A delightfully exciting fresh and true fragrance, its lush peony notes underscored with hints of green fields, with a touch of the orient.
    ●Plane - fragranced in London scent
    ●Poppy - The poppy scent has a mysterious allure to it, a beautiful blend of notes, with hints of citrus, cherry 
    ●Prosecco - A little sweeter than Champagne and cava, Prosecco has a light fizz and light fragrance that will make your evenings pass with fun in the air
    ●Pumpkin pie - Delicious freshly baked pumpkin pie, served up for thanksgiving as a seasonal American homecoming favourite. The ingredients of Pumpkin, orange, cinnamon, clove and vanilla all give this a soothing mellow fragrance to enjoy.
    ●Pure - Top notes of natural sea salt spray with the subtle softness of chamomile will gently massage and relax the mind bringing a feeling of well-being to you after a long day. Soothing, gentle and soft 
    ●Rain - The clean fresh scent that falls upon us after a rain shower. Subtle green and watery notes topped by citrus orange and bergamot. Unmistakably fresh.
    ●Raspberry coulis - A sweet and tangy raspberry fragrance, sweet, bold and young, with a tangy tartness that excites the senses.
    ●Redcurrant - Sweet Redcurrant top notes, Cassis and Tropical Fruit middle notes and a Fruity Musk base. Blending the tartness of redcurrants with the sweetness of sugar, a truly revitalising fragrance.
    ●Rejuvenate - A perfect blend of green tea and orchid flower essence will awaken the senses, restore the body and energise you ready for your next challenge. With added sweetness your body will relax, refresh and rejuvenate. 
    ●Ruby grapefruit - A grapefruit citrus accord, a zesty pomelo character with an injection of red currant. Pure fruitiness.
    ●Sage and citrus - Sage and Citrus Bright citrus accords and the unique herbal green of sage combine to create an uplifting mix to freshen and liven your day
    ●Seasalt and driftwood - Deep driftwood and musk base notes are complimented by a mix of floral notes, and heart pumping top notes of sea salt, aniseed and mint.
    ●Secret land - Oriental trade boats return from faraway lands with untold treasures. Combining cedarwood, rose water, patchouli, leather and saffron, the treasures of far away places and secret lands give our Secret Land fragrance a truly Eastern fragrance
    ●Soft cashmere - Jasmine, Violet and Rose, cashmere, vanilla and woody notes. The true love of a cashmere, soft powdery musk, deep and complex florals give way to a delicate and inviting sweet musk.
    ●Soothing cinnamon - The spicy body of the fragrance is a combination of cinnamon and clove with a floral carnation aspect. Simply soothing.
    ●Spring lilac - Spring Lilac This floral favourite will fill any room with fresh spring fragrance that is lively and excites the senses
    ●Storm chaser - A clean watery fragrance with intense notes of static electricity. A bright but subtle fragrance.
    ●Sunflower - Bright sunny and soft. Guaranteed to bring the sunshine inside! Giant yellow blooms of the sunflower will excite your senses and make summer come early.
    ●Sweet banana - Base notes of a smoothie blend of ripe banana, orange zest and sweet white fruit blossoms. Added top note sweetness give this an intensely sweet banana fragrance, similar to those foam banana sweets that we all loved as kids.
    ●Sweet cherries - A strong cherry accord opens this fragrance with notes of cinnamon and orange. Franzipan brings out the ripeness of the fruit. Rich and sweet.
    ●Sweet clementine - A true favourite fruit at Christmas, every house equips itself with a bowl of mouthwatering sweet clementines. Bright orange notes, deep incense and musk and a sweet amber top note will make those cold winter nights feel brighter.
    ●Sweet peas - A fruity floral fragrance with lemon, raspberry, peach and violet notes. Distinctly sweet pea.
    ●Taste of the orient - Mystical resins, choice spices, and fragranced woods, Inspire is a true mystery fragrance that unearths inner desires. Green frankincense, juniper, black pepper, cardamom and cedar. This unique mix of natural elements unfold to give a scent that twists and turns like an ancient path.
    ●Tiare flower - A true Tahitian tiare flower fragrance which is enhanced using a velvety magnolia musk base note. Subtle and dreamy.
    ●Treacle sponge - A syrupy treacle pudding with a moist sponge and sticky sauce - a Great British tradition, with an added dash of custard to complement the fresh steamed pudding.
    ●Water lily - A beautiful clean fragrance, the sweet fragrance of water lilies, embodied with citrus notes of mandarin and lemon, a hit of eucalyptus and melon give this familiar fragrance a complex mix.
    ●Wedding figures - A husband and wife - a lovely wedding gift 
    ●Wedding rings - A simple message - great as a wedding favour or an add on wedding present
    ●White jasmine - Picture yourself dozing in the sunshine on a sunny summer morning, the fragrant scent of White Jasmine