Natural soy wax PET odour eliminating candle tins

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We are pleased to be a registered distributor of Classic Candle Company natural soy wax candles. These have amazing scents and there is a huge range available. 

All candles can be personalised and make great wedding favours!! 

These pet odour eliminating candles are favukiys for any home with a pet or more!! Specially made to neutralise odours.



The zesty zing of lemon zest and verbena will wake up the senses while neutralising any malodours in the home.


There is nothing nicer than enjoying the great outdoors, but bringing that magical fragrance inside is not an easy task. Our sun kissed linen Great Outdoors scent is so clean and fresh.


The adventurous spirit in the feline member of the family roams and explores the neighbourhood. Picture your cat relaxing in a meadow of lavender add a beautiful rich beeswax and honey note which brightens a room while neutralising malodours and you have a perfect fragrance to relax to


Tangled thickets of bramble, raised beds abundant with fresh herbs, and a mini orchard of fruit crops waiting to be picked. Our fruit and herb combination that light up the senses will neutralise malodours, freshen your home, and take you on a journey through a magical secret garden


Our Woodland Walk fragrance evolved from those sunday afternoon strolls that test the senses of any dog, with fresh green woody notes and warming musk undertones that will help eliminate any malodours and freshen your home. The unwelcome smells of badger and fox that sometimes return home with us will soon be neutralised by our Woodland Walk soy candle.