Wax burners - tealight

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We have a good range of wax burners. We can also source many designs - please just ask.

Now, some advice. Please follow the burner instructions you get with each burner. These are NOT full instructions, just some important advice we have gained through our years in the industry we would like to share... 

Please only use 4 hour, none scented tealights in these burners. 8 hour candles and scented ones make the burner too hot and can cause serious damage.

Please never leave a flame unattended - it will invalidate any home insurance if you did. Don't leave tealight burners near drafts or cuatains/blinds for safety reasons. Keep out of reach of pets and children. 

Please note some are oil burners and not to be used with melts and sizzlers - only oils. We specify on the item if this is the case.